traveler 2012

dosa traveler 2012

This collection was borne of two chance encounters, years and continents apart. One day in Venice, California, I met the artist Fred Eversley. Unfamiliar with his work, he invited me into his nearby studio, a seamless space of pristine white. An aerospace engineer turned sculptor in the 1960s, Mr. Eversley casts resin into perfect parabolas and disks that are infinitely precise and polished, a play of light and perception. That first encounter was several years ago. Earlier this year, I was in Kanazawa, Japan when I happened upon the book “Everyday Treasures,” photographs of pleasingly imperfect sculptures. At first unidentifiable, the rounded objects revealed themselves as discarded hotel soaps rescued in varying stages of erosion – edges vanishing, colors thin and translucent, surface worn. This poignant book on impermanence and disappearance was my introduction to the influential Korean artist Bohnchang Koo.
Both Mr. Eversley and Mr. Koo explore circular forms but through different methods, one organic and left to chance and the other mathematical. Each process speaks to me; I find beauty in both the precise and in the wabi-sabi. During the past months, in the early morning hours, I would wake to document the setting moon, drawing each disappearing circle in my own imperfect hand stroke.