Fall 2022

Fall 2022

I am writing with the latest from dosa and flyingfishprojects.

I am working more intently than ever on recycling, continuing to use the scraps and remnants we have saved over the years to make clothing, bags and accessories. The work has been very satisfying, often a joy. I begin by sorting individual scraps, arranging by color and pattern, into the approximate shape of a top, a bag, or something else, all while thinking about how the pieces will be sewn together into a whole. Each finished piece is, of course, unique. Most of the sewing is done in our Los Angeles factory. The pieces leftover from the leftovers we are sending to India to be made into scarves and accessories.  

In May we set up part of our Los Angeles factory as a retail space (and occasional gallery), open mainly by appointment. The space opened with an installation, whitewave2, inspired by shades of white, the whites in Korean ceramics, the whites in the paintings of Cy Twombly. Several years ago, I made 101 fabric panels as part of our dosa glossary exhibit at Arcana Books in LA. We have since hand stitched those individual panels together into a large scrim, roughly 9’ high by 30’ long and used it to define the space.

The second show, flora & fauna, began in August and features flyingfishprojects embroideries using Liberty Print remnants.

I very much enjoy both setting up the space for each installation and working directly with customers again.

whitewave2 invitation, may 2022
whitewave2 installation
standard issue
flora & fauna invitation, august 2022
handmade paper lotus from Korea
flora & fauna installation
standard issue temple blessings and recycled liberty prints
framed textile patchwork
desert flora from Moorten Botanical Garden in Palm Springs
Alice Waters
august 2022
left: drawing of tunisian tunic with recycled liberty prints / right: sorted liberty print scraps
sorting liberty print scraps with team
grouping by colors
grouping by garments
tunisian tunic
patched liberty print scarf
left: smaller scraps / right: leftovers from tunisian top sorted by colors
scraps in India from dosa mask production
left: monk bag sketch / right: monk bag drawing in progress
drawing in progress
recycled liberty print monk bag drawing
recycled liberty print scarf drawings and specs