El Taller Arte Papel Oaxaca (Mexico) paper-making cooperative founded in 1998 by artist Francisco Toledo, who saw potential in an abandoned hydroelectric plant, plentiful water, and a need for local employment. Locals are taught to make contaminant-free paper using renewable, locally sourced natural ingredients like pochote, coyuchi, and mica. Artisans work every step of the process: separating plant fibers, molding pulp, pressing screens, and doing embellishments like freehand cutwork or hand burnishing. Since 2002, dosa has been working with El Taller Arte Papel on special projects and limited edition products. Hundreds of handmade, hand-cut papeles picado were made for installations in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2005; Vienna, Austria in 2006; Bologna, Italy in 2008; and the Santa Monica Museum of Art in California in 2012. (2002) See also papel picado