Liberty & Co. (UK) London-based textile company established in 1875 by Arthur Lasenby Liberty and made famous for its signature “Liberty print” cottons. dosa used Liberty prints in our very first collection in 1984, and in every season since 2003. Liberty & Co. has been a longtime supporter of dosa’s recycling initiatives, donating old swatch samplers and headers throughout the year, every year. In 2007, we began saving and archiving Liberty scraps from our own cutting room floor, amassing 61 pounds in three months. When patched and pieced together, this lot yielded 296 yards of running yardage, which we then used to produce the spring 2008 collection. dosa’s recycling arrangement with Liberty remains an ongoing and successful pairing. (1984)


lungi (India, Pakistan, Burma) traditional skirt-like garment worn mostly by men in East Asia and other regions. Made of lightweight cotton or sometimes silk, the lungi is ideal for regions where extreme heat and humidity make wearing trousers uncomfortable. Lungi is a rectangular piece of fabric typically tied around the waist like a sarong. In India, it generally measures 110 by 200 centimeters and is closely related to the Indian dhoti and mundu, other types of rectangular cloths also worn as coverings below the waist in slightly differing manners. The lungidhoti, and mundu are great examples of functional versatility and economical use of fabric. Our lungi are purchased directly from khādī shops and sourced either for clothing production or sold as is. (1996) See also khadi