mica flaky, sheet-like natural mineral with a pearlescent luster; also known as muscovite. Possessing a delicate yet durable structure, mica appears in many forms – translucent and illusory, or hard and rocklike. While mica is easily cleaved and requires careful handling, it has thermal, chemical, and physical properties useful to commercial industries. At dosa, we admire mica for its beauty and its resemblance to raw diamonds. We use hand cut mica sequins and paillettes from India for embellishment on fabric, or mix small bits into handmade Oaxacan paper for shimmer. Our mica is natural and sourced locally near our production locales in India or Oaxaca, where traces can be found embedded in ancient Zapotecan temple walls. (1998) 


milagro (Mexico) small, handmade fabric heart inspired by the religious folk charms sold outside the Basilica de la Soledad in Oaxaca; Spanish term for miracle. dosa’s milagro project started with the help of Trine Ellitsgaard as a means of employment for local women as well as a creative way to repurpose the smallest of fabric scraps left over from dosa production. Each heart is hand stitched, stuffed, and beaded by a small group of women in the town of Ejutla de Crespo. Single hearts are presented in a paper box made by El Taller Arte Papel. Garlands of hearts are wrapped around handmade paper. Julia, who organizes and facilitates the process, was able to buy a home from the steady work created by this project. As of February 2014, over 74,000 heart milagros have been made using more than 410 pounds of dosa fabric scraps. (2005) See also El Taller Arte Papel; Mona’s milagros; Trine Ellitsgaard


Mona’s milagros (India) hand-embroidered hearts, stars, and moons inspired by traditional milagros. Made of leftover dosa fabric scraps and sequins, each milagro takes 2.5 hours to sew. Mona’s milagros are named after Mona Shah, who supervises the production process involving a group of women organized by Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) in Ahmedabad, India. In 2008, hundreds of Mona’s milagros were installed in the Museo internazionale e biblioteca della musica di Bologna in Italy. Rings of milagros with holographic sequins were suspended from the dome, creating a galaxy of prismatic light. (2006) See also milagro; SEWA; bologna project


monk bag accessory modeled after traditional bags carried by Tibetan monks. Made of excess yardage and patched fabrics recycled from dosa clothing production, the monk bag is one of dosa’s earliest recycling efforts. (1999)