talisman made from tiny dosa fabric scraps, each carrying a Hindu blessing and fragrant herbs tucked inside; derived from Arabic talasm for charm. As the name suggests, talismans are thought to bring power and good luck to the wearer. Our talismans were made in India by a family and group of women, among them Yogesh, Varsha, Sheetal, Hetal, and Anupama with supervision by Mona Shah. 


thulma (Himalayas) traditional textile used as a rug or bed covering by the Bhutia of the Himalayas. Thulma is a plain weave cloth that has been combed with a brush to effect a fuzzy, felted texture. Our thulma is handwoven from handspun organic wool by Bhutia village artisans who work with Avani. (2006) See also Avani, chutka 


tikdi (India) traditional technique devised to use the smallest of fabric scraps; Hindi for dot. Small circles in varying sizes are cut from fabric and stitched by hand onto a base cloth in standard appliqué. The result is a constellation of dots peppering a cloth’s surface. dosa’s tikdi designs, though seemingly random, are carefully engineered so that each tikdi textile feels one-of-a-kind yet is standardized enough for production ease. This involves a complicated process where Christina and Lisa Faith rigorously sort and organize scraps by color, fabric type, and size, then record detailed instructions of how and where tikdi dots are to be placed for an overall balanced composition. While no two tikdi pieces are exactly the same, there is a general aesthetic uniformity across the group. (2006) See also recycling at dosa


Trine Ellitsgaard (Denmark, Mexico) Danish textile artist living in Oaxaca who is a partner and coordinator of dosa’s Oaxaca projects. Trine studied under master weaver Vibeke Klint at the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts. A resident of Oaxaca for over two decades, Trine’s work suggests she is both of a place and outside of a place. Her Scandinavian aesthetic uses materials indigienous to Oaxaca creating a modern, contemporary take on the traditional. Together with her husband, Francisco Toledo, Trine has established numerous local public access institutions in Oaxaca that she continues to help maintain and operate. (1996)


Tuareg (Africa) group of Berber nomads who traveled throughout the Sahara for centuries, directing much of the caravan trade from the edges of the Sahara to the Mediterranean coast of Africa; also known as the “blue people” due to their blue-stained skin. Traditional costumes consist of robes and turbans pigmented with indigo. In the early 1990s, Christina was captivated by a Tuareg headwrap at Craft Caravan, the first Tuareg textile she had ever seen. It was made from handstitched strip cloths that had been burnished nearly black with indigo pigment. Our “mood indigo” collection was inspired by the Tuaregs. This deep, inky hue is the original reference and ideal shade for indigo at dosa. (early 1990s) See also Craft Caravan, indigo