Xaquixe (Mexico) Oaxacan glass blowing studio pioneering new ideas for recycling and energy efficiency. Studio Xaquixe built heat recuperation systems operating on biofuel and use recycled glass as their main raw material, paying local residents for their collections. Unlike most recycled glass, the cups and paperweights they produce for dosa are perfectly clear and tint-free. Paperweights, inspired by NASA photos and artist Thomas Ruff’s 3-D photograms of Mars, use an experimental torching process to capture the Milky Way in glass. Master glassblower Christian founded the studio and built a team of male artisans that share an adventursome and physical camraderie. Adopted from Zapotec xaquixe, meaning “at the base of the mountain,” the studio’s name defines the moment of clarity and intention before the outset of great challenge. In recognition of the positive social impact made by their dedicated practices towards recycling, Studio Xaquixe was awarded El Premio Nacional del Trabajo 2014 by Mexico's Ministry of Labor and Social Security. (2013)